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Fine Tuning Felix 3D Printer Start and End GCode Routines

I picked up a Felix 3.0 printer for xmas.  I had a few problems getting clean prints using the Repetier software. Since moving to the Simplify3D software and coming to grips with the not so intuitive interface, I am getting 100%  looking prints.  Thanks to Stephen for getting me onto Simplify3D and starting off the gcode discussion.

This afternoon I had a go at transferring and modifying the Repetier starting and ending gcode routines over to Simplify3D. Toget access to the gcode section, you have to go to: 'Edit Process Settings | Show Advanced | Scripts tab | Starting G-Code or Ending G-Code'.  Changes are automaticly saved as you change tabs.

This is what I am currently using:

The Starting Routine:

G90 ; Absolute positioning
G28 ; Move to origin - go home
G1 Z10.0 F3000 ; Controlled move - take bed down 10mm

G1 Y180.0 F3000 ; Controlled move - bring head to near front of bed

G92 E0 ; Set position

G1 E20 F200 ; Controlled move - extrude 20mm of filament

G92 E0 ; Set position

G1 Y0.0 F3000 ; Controlled move - move head home

G1 Z0.0 F3000 ; Controlled move - take Z home


The Ending Routine:

M113 S0.0 ; Set extruder PWM

G91 ; Relative positioning

G92 E0 ; Set position

G1 E-5 F2000 ; Controlled move - retract filament to stop the ooze

G1 Z10 F1200 ; take the bed down 10 mm, so as to clear the printed part

G90 ; Absolute positioning

G1 X5.0 Y5.0 F3000.0 ; Controlled move - move head to 5, 5

M84 ; Disable motors

M107 ; Fan off

M104 S0 ; Set extruder temperature to 0 deg C

M140 S0 ; Set heated bed temperature to 0 deg C