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Temperature Controlled Computer Closet

Early in the month, I managed to read my first DS-18B20 temperature sensor.  Over the intervening few weeks, I have been experimenting with using a Python script to read up to ten sensors at a time, and storing the temperatures in a MySQL DB.  Here is a close up of a bank of 11 x DS-18B20 temperature sensors.

Bank of Eleven x DS-18B20 Temperature Sensors

It will also display one of the temperatures onto a Nokia 5110 LCD screen.  You can see the bank of 13 x sensors off to the right hand side:

My Z280 Board

I lived close to and worked in Silicon Valley, California for three years in the heady days of the early 1990's.  It was an exciting place to work in and explore.  My work allowed me time to visit various different companies and places.  One that I managed to visit was Zilog - the maker of the Z80 CPU chip.  My first computer - the Tandy TRS-80 Model 1 (it was the first computer one could purchase in Western Australia back in 1978 or '79).  I fell in love with the assembly code, writing my own and extending other peoples code.

Raspberry Pi Projects

Below is a list of the various Raspberry Pi projects I have worked on:

Building the PC Power Monitor

Ok, D-Day. Time to dig up my Press-n-Peel PCB transfer film and Ferric Chloride.

In the mean time I added a jumper to the circuit design so I can disable the buzzer if it became too annoying.

Designing the PC Power Monitor - Part I

After the near mishap with the last GPS bush walk, I have pondered how I was going to monitor the battery power usage. This blog is my first go at it.

Testing the PICAXE-28X CPU

Wow, I am a convert of using PICAXE chips They are so easy to use!


The PICAXE-28X CPU chip has arrived!

The PICAXE-28X CPU chip arrived yesterday from Altronics.  When I get some time over the weekend, I will have a go at programming it :-)

It only runs at 4MHz at the moment.  Later I will see if I can overclock it to 16MHz.  I am interested in seeing how fast I can do Anologue-to-Digital (AD) converstions, as I have some other projects in mind as well, that could use it if I can get running at around 120 conversions per second.


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