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Steering the Mark-I boat

Ok, this has had me stumped for some time, however, writing up the last blog, I had a flash back to the tourist Amity Brig down at Albany. The steering ropes and windlass are all out in the open, so the kids and dad's love to peer over the edge and see how moving the wheel makes the rudder turn.

This is my go at it. Well, at least it's a start.


Pool testing a model of the Mark-I

I was concerned about the how well the Mark-I might turn with the motor mounted midship of the boat, so I decided to build a small 30cm model using 25mm PVC tubing. Out came the scrap pieces of MDF and hot glue gun. I had a CD-ROM drive lying around, so I dismantled it, and extracted the head positioning motor. Part of the case was cut up to became a dodgy looking propeller. The shaft was constructed from two 25mm nails, soldered together.

Drawing the Mark-I Hull Assembly

The concept 3D drawing has been completed!

I have a friend who has a copy of AC3D, a easy to use CAD package. With in an hour or so he had taken my hand drawn chicken scratching and drawn the concept model of what I was after.


Epiphany on the hull structure

I woke up this morning with an epiphany on how to join the superstructure onto the hull.  I had always intended to use PVC piping for the hull, but thought that I would perhaps make up a fibre glass superstructure... or something.

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