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Hey, the site has been upgraded to Drupal 4.7!

I was running Drupal 4.6.x.  Upgrading took a while to work through the process, but it wasn't too bad.  Managed to loose all the pictures after I had upgraded, because I was playing around in a new module and I wondered 'what would happen if I...'.   Opps, you loose the link to the photo's.  Ok, lets restore from backup and try again  Embarassed

RSS Feed now available

There is a RSS feed now available on the lower right hand side of the web page.

While I am looking forward to the upcoming conference and some holidays, this also means I will not be able to work on the Mark I.  See you in two weeks time.

Fixed the Drupal image display problem

I had a problem, where every image I added would be displayed full size!Turned out that even though the ImageMagic 'convert' program could convert JPEGs, the image program actually seems to use the GD JPEG resize function.  I hadn't compiled in the JPEG libraries into PHP.  Turns out I had to download the latest JPEG source code, compile it, and then re-compile PHP with the --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local/bin/ switch.  I then had to redo some of the pictures, so it could add in their thumbnails. 

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