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About the Macro Photography Rig Project

In late Nov. 2011, a friend of mine started collecting beetles at night.  This is being done to see if we can track which beetle the local Orchid propagating wasps use to lay their larvae in.  I picked up my first samples from him on the 24th of Nov. 2011.  I volunteered to photograph, identify the beetles and mount them.  By Feb. 2012, I had quite a few tubes of beetles stored in the kitchen freezer, much to the consternation of my ever loving and patient wife:

Beetle Vials in Freezer

I dug out my ever trusty Canon Powershot 2000 camera, and as expected took some sub-par photographs of the beetles.  I quickly realised I needed to find a method of getting rid of subject shadows and gain a better depth of field.  These blogs are the story of how I dealt with these issues: