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More on Automating the CombineZP Focus Stacking Software

You can read more info here:

Cataloguing Biological Specimens

This a page of interesting information that I found on cataloguing biological specimens


Interesting URLs:  identification key systems   info on cataloguing data on biological specimens


Example of the beetle taxonomy collected - so far

Example of the beetle taxonomy collected - so far

Temporarily mounted beetles, bugs and wasps

Temporarily mounted beetles, bugs and wasps

Midway through the 2011-2012 beetle photographing and mounting project

Here is a quick snapshot of a work in progress.  So far I have taken over 2000 photographs of the 32 odd beetles displayed below.  Using my Macro Rig, I try and take three sets of 21 odd photographs of each beetle, one on it's side, top and bottom.  I then use the wonderful CombineZP software to combine a stack of photos into one photograph.  See my Macro Rig project for some examples of this. 

Entomology Projects

I have had an interest in Australia's diverse range of insects since the mid 1980's.  This really blossomed in 1993 when we moved back from living oversea to live in Western Australia.  Suddenly I became a lot more aware of Austrlaian flora and fauna.  In the Entomological world, my main interests have been in spiders and lately, beetles.

As mentioned in the Macro Rig project pages, In 2012, I have been helping a friend photograph and identify some beetles from the Capel and Busselton regions of Western Australia.

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